Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin Caught Crying in New York Side Street

Flashnewscorner.net – There is a story that the reporter share to us about Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin this weekend. The Reporter claim that accidentally he found out Justin and Hailey are having a fun riding a bicycle In New York city on tuesday morning, But suddenly both of them go down from their bicycle and sit in the sideways of New York street. And the next thing that happen is where Hailey look likes try to make Justin calm down by cheering him. Justin look likes he is crying and cover his face with his two hands.

Hailey try to calm down her fiancee by softly touch his back and try to comfort him, At last it seems Justin look like stop crying. but after Justin stop crying, it is look likes Hailey become the one that crying, And another romantic scene happen in where Justin with all his feelings try to touch Hailey face that look like holding the tears come out from her eye.

Until now there is no one know why both of them acting like that. An hour after that accident, Hailey post the picture with Justin on her insta story and act like nothing happen between them.

She shared a black and white picture in where show both of them is kissing with the word “My Love’ in upper side of the picture.

From their closed family, The reporter get a news on how both of them are more than ready to move their relationship into the next level which is married, Every one are so happy because of that news.

Let see will this relationship will end with the happy one or the bad one.