Present You The One and Only Zac Efron on Teen Choice Awards 2018 – When people heard the name of Zac Efron, Mostly all of them will agreed that he is one of the mos handsome man this earth ever have. A ex superstar on High School Musical already known that he has the gift in his face since he were young. Until now there are so many women that are already bewitched by Zac Efron appearance.

But there is a moment where everyone confused about this handsome actor decision which is when he do a dreadlocks on his hair. There are so many people tell that Zac is not suitable with that kind of hair.

Luckily this is not going to long, because as we can see on Teen Choice Awards we can see that Zac already change his hairstyle. Surely this Baywatch actor showing his handsome face with his short hair and his casual shirt on that day.

And also in that event he is going to get an award as a winner, not only one time he goes up to the stage to receive the awards, but Zac in total got 3 awards in Teen Choice Awards 2018.

Start from the best actor from Drama categories, the best collaboration, the best film, The most handsome man until the best kissing scene got by Zac on that night. Mostly all of the nominee come from his action in the film The Greatest Showman. So finnaly on that night Zac come home with three Trophy which is the best actor drama , the best collaboration and also the best film

Zac represent all other The Greatest Showman kru to be on stage to receive that Trophy. And he show his gratitude to all his fans by saying thanks again and again.

So how Hlovers, prefer Zac with shorthair or  the messy one ?