After Devorced, Anna Faris And Chris Pratt Still Walk Together For Their Kid

We all know that Chris Patt and Anna Faris already divorced. But there is still have a relation between them. Even divorced, they still walk and meet sometimes for the sake of their kid, Jack.

Jurrasic World and Overboard actor, Chris met Anna in Santa Monica, California in Monday 27/8. This reunion coincide with Jack sixth birthday. Jack celebrating his birthday on 25 August last week.

In that time, Chris and Anna wearing a casual shirt. Anna wearing a ripped jeans with black shirt and boots, Chris wearing short jeans wearing grey shirt and hat. They holding Jack together. Jack, their son wearing red long shirt with sunglasses. They look like a wonderfull family even already devorced.

We can see their face full of smile. Jack also felt so happy when walk together with his parent. Even broke up, his parent became a close friends only for Jack. There is no hate in their heart. Maybe if you don’t know about the divorce, you will think they are still family.

Now Chris has been dating with Katherine Schwarzenegger. Their relationship going public and they have been caugh doing a romantic picnic in California.

Anna also dating with Michael Barret, a cinematographer film.  Anna and Chris commited to devorce after 8 years after the marriage.