Emma Stone Confess That Getting Married and Having Baby is Her Priority Now

Flashnewscorner.net –¬†In her early 30, Emma Stone start to thinking about getting married and having her own baby. As we know Emma Stone is one of the most popular actress that already been in movie still she is young. All of his all day is fill by working on hollywood. But now the star and also the executive producer by Maniac serial movie tell her life story to Jennifer Lawrence on Elle USA in September edition. Evidently Emma and J Law is been a friend for such a long time guys.

“My perspective about kids is changing along with the change on my age. On my teen i never thinking for having baby and take care of them. There is a moment in where i am thinking that i am fine being single and do not to getting married and having a baby,” Tells Emma to Jennifer.

“But When i get Older, I feel like getting married is a process of life that we need to face it and suddenly because of that¬† i feel that really want to have a kid now,” tell Emma with her chuckle smile.

Emma realize that in the moment she will be on her 30. Maybe that number is not very old, but also clearly that not a very young one. So for now her main ambition is to fullfill her personal desire rather than the professional one.

Emma Stone ever having a date with Andrew garfield, Her partner on Amazing Spiderman. But unfortunely they call it an end on October 2015 after been in a relationship almost 4 year. Now Emma has been rumored having a relationship with Dave McCary, a television writer. They has been in a relationship almost a year but they are a few news for them cause Emma alone do not active on social media.

Both Emma and Jennifer Lawrence do not have a social media account, because of that it is hard for their fans to know about their presence life. When Emma been asked why she does not having a social media account, she reply by telling that she thinks that social media does not give her any positive impact, so why she need to having it.

Let us pray and hope that Emma Stone can get all she want in the future.