Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons are Caught Having a Romantic Holiday on Mexico – From the first time Kendall and Ben Simmons are rumored having a special relationship, both of them never want to admit and talk about it since the first time. Always stay away from public and media, This couple is like keeping their relationship so secretly.

But since both of them never want to admit their relationship, they are always become the target of media to be watch. there are so many moments is where media can capture a moment in where both of them a having fun together. And for this time Both of them are being caught spend a time together again.

But this time is not like a simple date or having a shopping together, They are being caught is having a holiday together in Mexico. That is the moment that being captured by the media in one the luxury place own American producer, Joe Francis.

Both of them is caught trying to have their own time. As we know on this holiday both of them are not alone, they are with their friends also. But both of them choose to be together by relaxing on the sofa near the swimming pool.

They look likes enjoy the moment they are being together alone, Looks there are a lot of smile on their face that sign they are really comfortable being alone and do not want it to be end. Kendall always stare of Ben face on that moment.

There is a cute moment in where Kendall try to kick on ben face using her legs and Ben is trying hard to get away from her.

Absolutely it can become a sweet moment that can captured by the paparazi, Maybe there is know a scene where both of them having a kiss or a hug, but Their act just now can be the prove that both of them a comfortable being together on this moment.