There Is A Reason Behind Via Vallen Lip Sync At Asian Games 2018

The opening ceremony of Asian Games 2018 last time is success. Lot of country and netizen tell that the opening is bigger and luxurious than the opening of World Cup in Russia. In the opening ceremony, there is so many event that showed to us. One of the most popular singer in Indonesia, Via Vallen have the opportunity to sing in the ceremony. But there is one thing who can’t be forgotten, that is when Via Vallen lip sync when singing.

But there is a reason behind the lip sync and it’s logic, seriously. Let’s see what is the reason behind that.

via vallen.jpg

“Organizer said that i must do that. Yes, there’s a reason ! Why i must lip sync ? You know, the organizer need to prevent any possibility of doing a mistake when singing. So they said all the singer must do lip sync to prevent that thing. As we know, in the ceremony also have the firework who made a noisy sound, the sound of the firework can go through the mic, it will be so annoing to some people. Even Tulus who sing Indonesia Raya also do lip sync. We bring the name of Indonesia when performing on stage, so we need to prevent any mistake, even small mistake can make our country shame,” said Via Vallen.

“About the bad comment from netizen, i don’t care about them. But i just want to say sorry if my fans and many people feel dissapointed about my perform yesterday, but there is a rumour that said they are buzzer, someone pay them to said that thing to me.”