Independence, Fragility Until Spoiled Rachel Chu

Independence, Fragility Until Spoiled Rachel Chu

Constance Wu That we know act as Rachel Chu on Crazy Rich Asians movie is getting a big attention from the movie lovers lately. On her act becoming Rachel Chu, she succeed on entertain the audience by showing her independence, fragility and also spoiled chracater.

Stated by Constance Wu, on her act representation the Asian tribe on Crazy Rich Asians movie should be a biggest gift and miracle that happen on her life until now. Before there is a people on her agency asking her to read Crazy Rich Asians novel cause they think she is suitableĀ  becoming Rachel in there.

But, she never read that novel until the audition of Crazy Rich Asians being held. Constance Wu admit that she never been dream can be a Hollywood star cause on her mind the nature on Hollywood movie itself usually dominant by the White one.

Constance Wu born and rise on Virginia from Taiwanese blood Family. on her high school, she act on a local theater club. Admit by Constance that she have a very poor family before when they still live in Taiwan. Her Grandfather and grand mother used to be a farmer before.

Her father is a professor on biology and genetic site on Virginia Commonwealth University. Meanwhile her mother is a computer programmer. And now she becoming a blockbuster actress and becoming one of the influential figure from the Time magazine version 2017. Constance Wu ever stop on learning act and that theater because she prefer on choosing psycho linguistic that having a better carrier prospect for she. She ever being trapped on having a debt almost USD from the credit card loan, car, personal loan and student loan, but she succeed on paying that debt by her own and becoming her turning point on life.

Before known as Rachel Chu, on her fans eyes she is Jessica Huang on Fresh Off The Boat movie. In There see act as a discipline and stingy mother for her three child. From that movie also Constance getting an attention from public and from that one also she get a lot of personal nominee from that act as Jessica Huang.