Jordyn Woods Live Look Miserable After Scandal With Thompson

Jordyn Woods Live Look Miserable After Scandal With Thompson

Since the news of Tristan Thompson’s affair with Jordyn Woods exploded, Kylie Jenner’s friend’s life immediately changed dramatically. In addition to receiving bullies and verbal abuse from netizens, Jordyn also had to accept being kicked from Kylie’s house. He must return to his mother’s house, Elizabeth Woods.

The departure of Jordyn from Kylie’s house is also a symbol of her no longer being a part of Kardashian-Jenner’s luxurious life. It can be said that Jordyn now lives in a nightmare.

“She was very desperate and understood that he really lost everything. Jordyn’s life will never be the same again,” said a source quoted from E Online.

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Actually this shocking thing did not only happen to Jordyn. Kylie Jenner also felt very surprised by her best friend’s behavior.

“Since yesterday (Tuesday, 19/2), Jordyn has been set aside by Kylie and the entire Kardashian-Jenner. Kylie’s life is like a somersault, as if she had never known Jordyn before,” continued the source.

More than just Kylie’s best friend, Jordyn has been considered part of the Kardashian-Jenner family. Even Khloe Kardashian himself considers this one model as his own sister. According to some sources Khloe even confided the problem of his relationship with Tristan to Jordyn.

“Jordyn is a friend who is trusted by Khloe about his problem with Tristan. Then Jordyn stabbed him, the whole family will not forgive,” continued the source.