Justin Bieber Feeling Depressed, What Happen ?

Justin Bieber Feeling Depressed, What Happen ?

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin were officially married at the end of December 2018 ago. When it comes to happiness, of course everyone already knows and no need to question it anymore. Both of these couples are indeed still very young but have dared to take serious steps in their relationship.

Even the intimacy of the two couples was recently revealed through an interview session conducted by Vogue magazine. Justin and Hailey managed to make everyone baper their effortless poses full of love.

According to Hailey, marriage is not just talking about romance, there is something more complex in it. Related to this, the public was again shocked by the latest news from Justin Bieber.

According to People’s alerts, Justin Bieber is currently struggling to overcome his depression. Even Justin had to come to a psychiatrist to cure his depression.

“Justin’s emotions are still raw, but the steps are right by coming to a psychiatrist. He needs counseling so he can live his life well, “said one of the People’s sources a moment ago.

“Justin has managed to deal with a number of problems, and now everyone is very optimistic about him.”

“Justin felt depressed because of his popularity, he felt there was no room for him, there was no privacy, all his movements were publicly known. He felt that all the cameras were in front of his face. All of that made him want to disappear and escape all that. I think this is a natural thing, sometimes people need privacy to live a comfortable life, “concluded the speaker.