Kendall Jenner Crying Being Bullied Because of Acne

Kendall Jenner Crying Being Bullied Because of Acne

Beautiful face and slim body have become the main demands in the modeling world. Aware of that, it’s no wonder that Kendall Jenner and her colleagues always pay attention to appearance. But unfortunately, they are also ordinary people who are not always perfect.

For example, it was experienced by Kendall Jenner in 2018 yesterday. Attending the Golden Globe Award red carpet event, the star of Keeping Up with the Kardashians appears with a face that is not smooth and full of pimples, a scene that is very different from usual.

Because of that, Kendall was the target of netizens’ blasphemy. Many criticized her and considered her never to take care of herself, even though Kendall became one of the youngest models that was a supermodel.

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Apparently this had made Kendall Jenner depressed. Through a recent interview with Allure Magazine, this 23-year-old woman conveyed her testimony.

“Actually, I was quite confident at that time, then people started to comment evil. I felt, ‘I know I have zits. I know I break out again. You don’t need to keep blaming it. I can see it very clearly, so let me accept it, “Kendall said.

It didn’t stop there, Kendall also confessed, “I cried endlessly for days because of their comments about me, and I became stronger when I passed it.”

“I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m not a superhuman. I have feelings and comments written on the internet are very painful. You have to live your life regardless of it. I think thinking and paying attention to such things makes you unhealthy. It can make you mess, too.” she added.