Momoko Sakura Dies Of Breast Cancer

Momoko Sakura Dies Of Breast Cancer

Momoko Sakura is the creator of Chibi Maruko Chan. She died of breast cancer on 15 August 2018 when she was 53 years old. As we know, Chibi Maruko Chan is the most popular comedy anime back in time.

Momoko Sakura funeral has been held. In the ceremony, only family and close friends can attend. Chibi Maruko Chan manga started the debut in 1984. In that time, Chibi Maruko Chan manga published in Ribbon manga magazine.

In 1990, the manga is very popular. Chibi Maruko Chan popularity drag them into anime version. The anime aired more than 60 country around the world and became the most succesfull anime in that time.  The first theme song of Chibi Maruko Chan is Odoru Ponpokorin. This song also became so popular, over 1.73 millions copy has been sold.

“Sad to here this news. She go so early. But her “Chibi Maruko Chan” will always give us bright smile. Reader will always smile because of Chibi Maruko, from kids to adults,” said Soichi Aida, the manager ediot for Ribbon magazine.

“We want to say thanks, a big thanks for Momoko.”

“We will still continuing the series of Chibi Maruko Chan. So fans will remembering about Momoko Sakura as a creator.”

Sayonara Momoko, may peace be with you.