Picture From House that Cost USD 2.5 Million to have it

Flashnewscorner.net – Who in the world does not know with Taylor Swift, One of the most popular woman pop singer in the world ? As we know Taylor Swift already become one of the most paid star between all hollywood star. From the rumors we get, Taylor Swift get around USD 300 Million only for this year 2018 !

Because of that, becoming such a billionaire, It make sense that Taylor Swift have a lot of  expensive property. One of those property can be seen from her home in Beverly Hills, California. From the rumors we get just now, Taylor Swift willing to sell that house  with the fantastic price around USD 2.5 million !

That house she buy with the price around USD 1 million at 2012. Two floor house that size 274 m2, having a swimming pool inside and build so beautifully with the deck of the wood. This beautiful house consist of 4 bedroom and 5 bathroom.

The air circulation in this house also work very well and also in these house we can find a wine cellar that having an automatic weather control. That wine cellar can be fill by around 1000 bottle of wine. Moreover, the kitchen in this house is very fascinating that can become the dream kitchen that love by all mother in the world.

So for all of you that are very curious on how this house lookalike and for you that are willing to pay USD 2.5 million for an ex pop singer woman star house, This we provide a picture for you

Swimming pool




Living Room


Wine Cellar


Want to have it  ? 😀