After Missing For A Long Time, Fanbingbing Post A New Photo On Instagram

After previously tripping over a tax case in 2018 ago, Fan Bingbing was reportedly lost. There is even news that the 37-year-old artist has died.

But these rumors seem to be mere hoaxes, the article recently Fanbingbing posted a photo on his Instagram account after so long disappearing due to a tax case. In the upload, there was a caption of Happy Chinese New Year greeting.

“Happy celebrating Chinese New Year all, I pray always healthy and I love you all,” Fanbingbing wrote in the photo post.

We cannot deny it, when tripping over a tax case in 2018 ago, the name Fanbingbing was like being swallowed by the waves. His whereabouts are unknown and there is not even the latest news about him. The Intagram account also has no updates at all, both photo and video posts. Because this is also a lot of speculation that emerged that said Fanbingbing had died.

Actually some time ago the appearance of Fanbingbing at the airport has caught camera netizens, unfortunately due to poor photo quality, many doubt that the figure caught on camera is Fanbingbing.

But netizens don’t necessarily believe the photo uploaded on Instagram is a new photo. Many speculations say that the photo is an old photo and that uploading it is not Fanbingbing.

For additional information, Fanbingbing had tripped over a tax case in 2018 with total debt reaching 1.97 trillion rupiah.