Vanessa Angel Black Out While Examination

The shocking news came back from Vanessa Angel, because she reportedly fell unconscious when carrying out inspections by the police. Vanessa Angel underwent an examination process for 12 hours. Suddenly he fell unconscious and was immediately rushed to the East Java Regional Police Bhayangkara hospital to get treatment from the medical side.

According to information obtained from Liputan6, after getting treatment from the medical side, there were two causes that caused VA to faint, the first being a psychological condition and the second an acute ulcer.

“We have received confirmation from the hospital regarding the condition of Vanessa Angel. There are two causes, one of which has a relapse, the ulcer is acute, and the second is the psychological condition that feels depressed, “said Pol. Comr. Frans Barung Mangera when met at the East Java Regional Police Headquarters.

Then what is Vanessa Angel’s current condition? This question certainly fills the minds of many people. Luckily after getting treatment from the medical team, her condition is getting better.

“At this time her condition has improved, as soon as she was found in the emergency room, she was also aware,” said Commissioner Pol Prima Heru as the Head of the East Java Regional Police Bhayangkara Hospital.

“For now, we are still waiting for the results of the doctor’s coordination regarding VA conditions.”

“For detention we will postpone seeing the condition of VA that has not yet recovered. I think this is a law enforcement that is tolerant and flexible. So we see the situation and conditions first, if we have recovered, we will continue again. “