Nabila JKT48 Returned Playing Horror Movie

Nabila JKT48 Returned Playing Horror Movie

Nabila is a former JKT48 personnel. Her name is soaring after joining to JKT48. The girl whose real name is Ratna Ayu Azalia is now focusing on acting. Nabila herself has actually played in three films, this time she will again adorn the big screen called Mata Batin 2.

When interviewed on a shooting location in the Kota Tua, Nabila then recounted her excitement and experience while undergoing the shooting process of Mata Batin 2.

Actually, Nabila has played in a horror film called Wewe. But her acting in the film gained a lot of criticism from connoisseurs and film critics. But that didn’t make her desperate. Evidently, she returned to playing in one of the horror films entitled Mata Batin 2.

When undergoing the shooting process on the third day, Nabila claimed she felt excited about the actions she was going to play. In the film, Nabila plays Nadia, an orphan who lives in an orphanage.

In Mata Batin 2, Nabila plays an introvert role, this is certainly very different from Nabila’s original extroverted nature.

“The characters that I play are introverted, really different from the original. “I am an extrovert, so it will make a quiet character feel so strange,” said Nabila.

In this latest film, Nabila also feels more challenged because she has to explore the role. She must try to be as if she could see a spirit. This is a special excitement for Nabila.

Later Nabila will compete with Sophia Latjuba and Jessica Milla. What are we waiting for by Nabila’s acting, is it disappointing like before or will we be amazed because of her beautiful acting?