Olla Ramlan Starred A New Horror Movie Called SAKRAL

Olla Ramlan Starred A New Horror Movie Called SAKRAL

After long disappearing from the Indonesian screen, Olla Ramlan returned. In fact, her presence immediately decorated the widescreen in Indonesia where she starred in a horror film called SAKRAL. Previously many doubted the existence of Olla Ramlan, but with the presence of this film, of course, public doubts were all answered clearly.

“Well, if you want to be honest, playing drama series has also been a long time ago, usually just being a host, carrying out household events. Then, just be a host or guest star, “said Olla when met at XXI Metropole during the release of the SAKRAL film.

Surprisingly, the article no one thought Olla Ramlan’s name would be present to adorn the widescreen again. Olla also claimed to have had difficulty while running the shooting process. But over time, she also enjoyed every process.

“Well, there is no problem with shooting this movie. The shooting here is only 20 days. At first, it was difficult, but after a long time, it was normal. The problem is the first horror movie, so it still has to be used to it first. ”

In the SAKRAL film, Olla Ramlan must compete with Teuku Zacky. Both seemed to have no difficulty when carrying out their duties, this was because the two of them had previously undergone the same film project.

For those of you who want to watch this movie, just come to your favorite cinema. This one horror movie is guaranteed to make you shiver in fear!